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Beautiful architectural shingles on this pristine home. Our team of expert roofers is ready to help you

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The amazing team
behind Blackhawk Roofing

Robbie Nein, foreman and supervisor for Blackhawk Roofing in Springfield, Illinois

Robbie Nein


Robbie has worked for Blackhawk Roofing for twenty years. He is responsible for supervising job site operations to ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Dan Schnell, owner of Blackhawk Roofing in Springfield, Illinois

Dan Schnell

Owner, Estimator

Dan launched Blackhawk Roofing in 1995. He is a Certified Master Roofer with thirty years of roofing knowledge and experience. Dan oversees the daily operation of the company.

Eric Nein, lead installer for Blackhawk Roofing in Springfield, Illinois

Eric Nein

Lead Installer

Eric has been our lead installer for twenty years. He tackles the difficult roof repair and installation challenges, helping Blackhawk Roofing build safe and durable roofs.

Proud to be the best roofing contractor in Springfield