Roofing Warranty

Subject to the limitations set forth below, Blackhawk Roofing provides a Five-Year Roofing Warranty for your project. Blackhawk Roofing will repair damages to your roof resulting from defective workmanship for up to five (5) years from the completion date of your project. This Roofing Warranty covers services provided by Blackhawk Roofing to the original purchaser.

Agreement Between Client and Blackhawk Roofing

Blackhawk Roofing warrants your roof installation against defects in workmanship. Commencing with the completion date, this Warranty is effective for five (5) years for the repair of roofing system components installed by Blackhawk Roofing and any damage to the interior due to improper installation. Blackhawk Roofing will furnish qualified Warranty repairs upon reasonable notice and at appropriate times during our normal working hours, unless Emergency Repairs are required.

For this Roofing Warranty to be effective, you must:

1. Retain a copy of the original contract.
2. Contact us to arrange for an inspection of your property.
3. Make the property accessible to us to perform Warranty repairs.

Blackhawk Roofing will:

1. Perform all Warranty repairs at no cost to you.
2. Perform repairs to the roof installation as described in the original contract.
3. Perform repairs on areas where failure has occurred.

This Roofing Warranty does not cover:

1.  Any work where Blackhawk Roofing did not supply the roofing materials or installation services.
2. Any work where someone other than Blackhawk Roofing has attempted or provided roof repairs.
3. We are not responsible for matching existing colors or textures of shingles. An exact color match of shingles cannot be assured, as environmental conditions can affect shingle color over time.
4. The appearance of mildew, mold, or any other environmental conditions.


1. The owner shall notify Blackhawk Roofing of any leak, roofing defect, failure, or deficiency within ten (10) days of the discovery.
2. If the Limited Warranty covers the leak, defect failure, or weakness, Blackhawk Roofing shall have the right to inspect and repair the problem immediately.
3. Blackhawk Roofing shall have the right to inspect the roof during the Warranty term.
4. Payment per the terms of the original contract shall constitute the sole consideration for this Warranty. If the property owner fails to make payment in full or violates other terms of the Warranty, this Warranty shall be void and have no further effect.


1. Damage to the roofing, property, building, or contents caused by fire, settling, distortions, other building failures, or natural causes, including floods, lightning, high winds, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or extraordinary or unusual events.
2. Damage to the roofing system or building interior from cracks or openings in the roof substrate, building walls, partitions, or foundation.
3. Vandalism, roofing penetration, damage, or attacks to the roof by third parties or foreign objects or agents, including plant or animal life.
4. Damage caused by alteration or addition upon the erection of a structure on the roof or any use of the roof other than its original intended purpose, including but not limited to snow shoveling, heat cables, satellite dishes, salt, etc.
5. There is no Implied Warranty in connection with roofing materials supplied by this contractor. This Warranty shall not render this contractor liable in any respect for any damage to this building, or any contents thereof, or any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property resulting from any defect in the materials supplied, nor will Blackhawk Roofing be held liable for incidental, special or consequential damages, direct or indirect of any nature to any person sustained from any cause due to manufacturers defect in materials supplied.


1. No Warranty Modifications shall be effective unless in writing and approved by all parties.
2. This Warranty is not transferrable to a new owner should the property be sold unless Blackhawk Roofing is notified of the sale within thirty (30) days of the transfer.
3. This Warranty contains the sole and exclusive liability of Blackhawk Roofing for the roofing installation and the application, maintenance, and repair thereof.
5. This Warranty shall only be effective if executed by an authorized representative of Blackhawk Roofing.
6. This Warranty is not intended as a substitute for a commonsense maintenance program by the owner, nor is it an effective instrument in the face of roof abuse caused by foot traffic from other contractors or individuals.

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