Commercial roofing

Commercial roofing

Does your commercial building need a new roof? EPDM single-ply commercial roofing systems are affordable and relatively easy to install.

Does your commercial building need a new roof? EPDM single-ply commercial roofing systems are affordable and relatively easy to install.

Commercial roofing

Blackhawk Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor in Springfield, Illinois. We have specialized in commercial EPDM roofing since 1995. Our experienced workforce and state-of-the-art equipment let us deliver quality, consistency, and efficiency on every roofing project. We've built new and replacement roofs for thousands of customers in Central Illinois. 

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EPDM roof system

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Terpolymer is simply a product consisting of three distinct monomers. EPDM is a Thermoset material, which means it is either fully cured before being installed or fixed during natural weathering after installation. EPDM roofs are single-ply membranes — there is only one ply of roofing material, not multiple plies laminated together.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Springfield Illinois -- EPDM Roof schematic

Roof removal

The common reasons for a commercial roof tear-off are the advanced age of the existing roof, and when it becomes necessary to remove any part of the roofing system that is wet below the roof surface. There are occasionally other reasons to remove a roof, including local building code compliance and the building owner's personal preferences, but these reasons occur much less frequently.

Almost every roofing system manufacturer specifies no installation over an existing roofing substrate that is wet. Installing a layover roof on top of a wet roof is a poor construction practice. Leaving wet building components in place compromises the structural aspects of any roof. There are several ways to determine whether there are wet areas of a roof. Thermal imaging is somewhat high-tech and more expensive but is a highly effective method of locating wet areas. Taking core samples in the regions likely to be wet is a quick, easy, and very low-cost way to know whether a roof is wet, merely damp, or dry below the surface.

The best way for homeowners to know whether their roof needs a partial or complete tear-off is to work with a professional roofing contractor likeBlackhawk Roofing. Choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor to do the work is the best place to start. For commercial roofing applications, Blackhawk Roofing specializes in single-ply flat roofing systems. We can add slope to existing flat roofs, and we offer energy-efficient insulation systems. We have trained technicians for the installation and repair of all types of roofing systems.

Roof installation

With a commercial roof installation, getting it right the first time is critical. We've developed a comprehensive checklist of the steps we take, and we review them with our crew before starting your project. We believe in complete transparency in our process. Surprises are the last thing you want when installing a new roofing system.

Blackhawk Roofing can install roofs on large or small apartment complexes, strip malls, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, aviation facilities, and more. We use only full-time employees, to maintain superb quality. Our foreman and installers have received extensive training in the latest commercial roof installation techniques. From project managers to clean-up crews, every Blackhawk Roofing employee plays a vital role in the overall installation of your project. While many roofing contractors rely on subcontractors, we don't. Everyone you see on your project works for Blackhawk Roofing. Our employees share our philosophy of always going the extra mile to deliver on our promise of doing more. Our people are the reason why our clients recommend us again and again.

After your installation is complete, Blackhawk Roofing will review our scheduled Roof Maintenance program with you. This offering reduces your repair costs. Our professional roof maintenance crew understands your roofing system and can quickly identify any problems with your existing roof. Our scheduled maintenance program addresses the issues we often see, and can be customized to fit your requirements.

What's included in an EPDM roof replacement system?

EPDM rubber roofing is one of the best options for flat-roof commercial buildings. Short for ethylene propylene dienemonomer, this roofing system uses a single-ply membrane to protect a flat roof from leaks and other damage. If you want a commercial roof replacement that requires less maintenance than an old built-up roof, you should considerEPDM.  

Benefits of EPDM roofing 

EPDM has one of the longest life expectancies of any flat roofing. It is durable, eco-friendly, and even lowers your winter climate control costs.

While EPDM roofing is more expensive than other single-ply roofing systems, the roof will generally last twice as long, especially in hot weather. An EPDM rubber roof is more flexible than most roofing options, and it won't expand or contract as much with temperature changes, so roof maintenance is generally minimal. If it is damaged, there are plenty of options for patching and sealing the membrane, and a professional roofer like Blackhawk Roofing can make quick repairs. 

How we install EPDM roofing 

Single-ply roofing is installed using mechanical fasteners, a ballasted system, or fully adhered with chemical adhesive. Fully adhered installations offer the best leak resistance and the longest life expectancy, but they are also more complex. They require experience and skill to avoid common mistakes that can lead to roof failure. 

Commercial EPDM Roof membrane installation
1. Prepare the roof deck

The roof deck will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any oil or grime. We sand any protruding or sharp edges of the plywood or OSB board. Even a tiny amount of moisture can lead to problems with the adhesive, so everything must be dry before we begin your EPDM installation. We will cover your roof with clean, sanded plywood or OSB board to provide a barrier to protect the membrane. Installation is always according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

2. Add the drip edge and drip batten 

Once the roof deck is ready, we'll install the drip batten into the fascia around the roof to extend the decking, which helps to guide drain water into the gutter system. Next, we'll install the drip edge, aligning the curved top with the batten. This will ensure that the water stays off the roof's edges and prevents erosion around your foundation. 

3. Install the rubber membrane 

We will need enough EPDM membrane to completely cover your roof, along with a thick overhang for the exterior walls and roof edge. We'll unroll the EPDM membrane and place it over the area where it will be installed. We will expose a portion of the roof decking under the EPDM and apply the bonding adhesive using a paint roller, leaving a 6" border around the edge. We'll attach the membrane while the adhesive is still wet by rolling it back into place. On hot days the adhesive will dry faster, so we may need to work with smaller areas at a time. 

Once the roof membrane is in place, we use a push broom to sweep out air bubbles and improve the bond. We'll continue rolling back the membrane and applying adhesive until all the roofing material is in place. 

4. Apply the finishing touches

The final process takes time and expertise to do correctly. We'll apply adhesive to the border around the edge. Next, we'll seal the corners using pressure-sensitive flashing. We'll also use flashing to create watertight seals for vents and other mechanical items that penetrate the roof. Silicone sealant is used to seal all the edges to prevent moisture from entering the membrane. Finally, we remove excess membrane by trimming it. 

Even the most straightforward jobs are best left to professionals, and a fully adhered EPDM roofing system is challenging for non-certified roofers to install correctly. We have the proper tools, experience, and certification to install your EPDM roof correctly and safely, without causing damage or leaving your roof vulnerable in the process. 

Roofing service reviews

We are thrilled when our customers take a few minutes to give us feedback on the job we just completed. If you weren't satisfied with any aspect of your project, let us know right away, so we can make the necessary adjustments.

"The performance of Blackhawk Roofing has consistently been above and beyond our normal expectations. The company is responsive, their work is value-priced, project completions have been timely, and follow-up is excellent."

Commercial Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"We recently completed a roof restoration project with Blackhawk Roofing, and we are delighted with the results. From the initial estimate to project completion, working with your supervisor and roofing installers has been a very positive experience."

Residential Restoration
Springfield, IL

"We would like to express our appreciation to you and your company for the excellent roofing work performed to repair the roof at FitClub West. The crew was efficient, and the job was completed promptly with outstanding craft. From the initial site visit to the conclusion of the project, Blackhawk Roofing acted with professionalism. FitClub West will certainly consider BlackhawkRoofing for any future projects."

Commercial Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"Blackhawk Roofing is a great company to do business with. We needed our roof replaced, and we were very impressed with the service. All the people we dealt with at Blackhawk Roofing were very professional and courteous to us, from the first phone call to the completion of our project. We recommend them."

Residential Tear-off
Springfield, IL

"When we bought our new house, the existing roof had a lot of wear and was replaced. After calling around town, we were quoted over $11,000 by two other contractors. Blackhawk Roofing saved us $2,500! We were very impressed with their approach and found them to be highly professional. We love our new roof."

Residential Tear-Off
Springfield, IL

"I want to thank you for the excellent job of installing a new roof for our house. When the job was completed, it looked like a brand-new house. We couldn't be more pleased. Please feel free to use us as a reference."

Residential Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"It's great to find a company like Blackhawk Roofing these days. We had our roof installed by them two years ago, and we just called them back to do the roof on our detached garage. We couldn't be more pleased. Quality craftsmanship at its best."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"We are delighted with the quality of work and professionalism that Blackhawk Roofing provided for our roof repair. Dan Schnell and his team are well-qualified to deal with the variety of waterproofing challenges we have experienced over the years. Dan has been a tremendous resource for us when due diligence is required."

Commercial Repair
Williamsville, IL

"Recently I needed some work done on the exterior of my house. I needed a new roof, new gutters, and new soffit and facia, plus carpentry work to replace rotted wood around the top and front porch. The side over the patio also needed repair. I was nervous about getting involved with a contractor, especially for this enormous job, but I hit the jackpot when I hired Blackhawk Roofing and owner Dan Schnell."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"I highly recommend the services of Blackhawk Roofing. When owner Dan Schnell arrived at our home, he took several measurements and inspected our roof for underlying problems. He explained options for roofing materials and roof warranty with us. Then he emailed us an Estimate. In less than an hour, we knew the cost of our roofing repair and had our questions answered."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"Excessive rain from a recent storm caused ponding and leaks on our company's rooftop. Blackhawk Roofing's fast response kept the damage to the interior of our building to a minimum. Fast, dependable service is what we have come to know with Blackhawk Roofing. We highly recommend them."

Commercial Repair
Springfield, IL

Need a roof inspection?

Regular roof inspections can help identify issues before they become major problems. It's likely easier to fix these issues now, saving you time and money in the long run. Your roof should be inspected at least once a year. Always hire a professional to inspect and maintain your roof. When Blackhawk Roofing inspects your residential or commercial roof, we'll also do the following tasks:

  • Check the flashings. Flashings are metal pieces that cover curves and edges of your roof around chimneys, vents, skylights, and intersections with other surfaces. Water can easily leak in and around them if they are damaged.
  • Look in the gutters. For asphalt shingle roofs, we will look in the gutters for pieces or grains of shingle. This is usually a sign that your shingles are deteriorating, and need to be replaced.
  • Inspect droops. If part of your roof looks like it's sagging, we'll examine it for moisture or rotting that may indicate it needs to be replaced.

A professional roof inspection will identify potential problems with your roof. Repairing these issues can prevent bigger problems, and keep your home or business safe.

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