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As the top roofing contractor in Springfield, we employ people who are passionate about installing roofs on homes and buildings. If that describes you, consider becoming a roofing installer or laborer in our dynamic and evolving organization.

Laborers removing old roof on Thames River Road project in Springfield, Illinois
Eric Nein installs valley shingles on Spring Street project in Springfield, Illinois

Roof installation for residential homes and commercial buildings

  • Repairing and preparing roof surfaces
    After removing the existing roof, our roofers prepare the underlayment for the installation of new shingles or single-ply EPDM roofing. During this process, they replace any areas of the roof that are damaged or rotting.
  • Measuring and cutting roofing materials
    Roofers ensure that any roofing material they use is properly cut and trimmed to fit around chimneys and vents, and along gutters, walls, and other intersecting surfaces.
  • Installing roofing materials
    The roofer's primary job is to build a weatherproof roof for the customer by installing shingles or single-ply EPDM. To create a weatherproof seal, a roofer may also use insulation or vapor barriers.
  • Setting up and cleaning the site
    Preparing and cleaning up a project location is a roofer's responsibility. Roofers set up ladders and all other equipment required for the project. Once the job is complete, they break down the site.

Installers repair damaged roofs and install new roofs

As an installer at Blackhawk Roofing, you'll be part of a team that is committed to every project, and enthusiastic about roof installation. We employ people who are passionate about their work and seek daily challenges. If that describes you, we invite you to consider taking your place as a roofing installer in our dynamic and evolving organization.

Roofing installers (roofers) work to replace old roofs, repair leaky roofs, or seal areas to make them watertight. Roofing is physically demanding and requires the stamina to stand, climb, and carefully walk in hot, cold, windy, snowy, or rainy weather. Our roofers work full-time (weather permitting), and are paid weekly.

We're hiring laborers and roofing installers at Blackhawk Roofing in Springfield, Illinois 217-741-6251
Removing old shingles from Thames River Road project in Springfield, Illinois

Roofing laborers learn their trade on the job

  • Balance. Roofing laborers work with heavy materials and tools on roofs that might have very steep pitches. For this aspect of the job, good balance and safely maintaining footing are essential skills.
  • Physical fitness. Roofing laborers carry heavy materials such as bundles of shingles and other roofing material, so they need strength and stamina to do this throughout the day.
  • Teamwork. Roofing laborers need to work effectively and professionally with other members of the project team. They must be professional when working with colleagues, and assist when it's needed.
  • Choosing the right materials. Roofing laborers must be knowledgeable about roofing terminology, in order to select suitable materials used for the job, from shingles, roof vents and felt, to drip edge and underlayment.
  • Keeping the project area safe and clean 
    To meet health and safety regulations, roofing laborers ensure that construction areas are clean. Any dangerous materials or tools are kept out of walkways to prevent accidents.

Roofing laborers work hard and carry heavy loads

Roofing labor is a physically demanding job that can mean working at heights and in a wide range of weather conditions. Our roofing laborers work full time, although extra hours may occasionally be necessary to meet project deadlines. Those who are best suited to work as a roofing laborer have physical strength and stamina, excellent math skills for making measurements and calculations, and the ability to operate machinery and tools safely and effectively.

Roofing laborers must work within a team environment, and have the ability to follow instructions. At Blackhawk Roofing, you'll be part of a roofing team that is committed and enthusiastic about roof construction. We employ people who are passionate about their work and seek daily challenges. Weather permitting, our roofing laborers work full-time on roof installation projects, and are paid weekly.

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Quality roofing.


We use quality materials to ensure your roof is durable, and inspect the roof before the job is complete.

Commitment to your project.


We deliver high-quality residential roofing and commercial roofing projects on schedule and in budget.



We employ highly trained and motivated employees to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.



We give you more bang for your buck by choosing from affordable and innovative roofing solutions.



We believe that being the best requires a high customer satisfaction rate and a focus on customer needs.

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