What's in my roofing estimate?

A residential roof replacement can cost $10,000 or more. It is essential to get an accurate and detailed roofing estimate from a qualified professional.

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August 25, 2021

What's in a roofing estimate

Roofing work is an expensive investment in the future of your home, which is why it's essential to find a reasonable price from a qualified professional. A roofing estimate—also known as a roofing bid—tells you everything you need to know about your project. Estimates vary significantly among local roofing contractors. One might give you a handwritten, one-page summary, and another an official-looking document of several pages. Either is fine, as long it contains the following information.

Roofing estimate

1. Company Information

Every roofing estimate should include basic information about the company and the project timeline. This includes:

  • Phone number and email address
  • Project team manager
  • Business owner
  • Estimated start and completion date
  • Payment terms

You can use this information to research other contractors and answer your questions. Do they have a history of quality work? Not every contractor has a significant online presence, so you might have to dig further than a Google search.

2. Proof of Licenses and Insurance

Most cities and states require contractors to have a license and insurance, including liability insurance and workers' compensation. Hiring a contractor who doesn't meet the qualifications carries many risks, not just for shoddy work but also for personal injury. A reputable contractor will provide proof. You can verify a contractor's license by checking their license number on the Sate of Illinois licensing board. You may also want your contractor to include evidence of bonding, which protects you if your contractor fails to complete the job.

3. Itemized Costs

Our roofing estimate will spell out the costs associated with the project to avoid surprises. It also helps you to compare bids. The Estimate will include the cost for:

  • Labor
  • Permits
  • Material
  • Cleanup
  • Removal of construction debris

This list includes the price for tearing out the old roof, installing the underlayment, adding new shingles and flashing, repairing gutters, and cleaning up after the project is completed.

4. Information About Your Roofing System's Components

Roofs have many different components. Most of these roof system components will need to be replaced depending on your job.


Underlayment is a protective layer put over your roof's decking. We will outline the thickness, type, and manufacturer of the underlayment we plan to use. There are three main types:

  • Asphalt-saturated felt
  • Rubberized asphalt
  • Synthetic underlayment

Homeowners must choose between two types of ventilation: active ventilation and passive ventilation. Active ventilation circulates by pulling outside air into your home and pushing inside air out of your home. Passive ventilation circulates using natural forces like wind and thermal buoyancy. Passive ventilation is a greener option, but it's not as consistent as active ventilation. Once you choose the type of ventilation, you'll also have to select the type of vent.


Shingles are typically priced per one hundred square foot. Like underlayment, we will outline the type, manufacturer, and the number of shingles (measured in 100 sq. ft.bundles) that we plan to use. Most homeowners choose architectural asphalt shingles.


Flashing is a thin metal material used to help direct water away from areas of your home like the chimney, walls, and roof valleys. Your estimate will include replacement flashing for the entire project.

5. A Plan for Possible Decking Replacement

Decking is the heart of a roof, but wood (the most popular roof decking) is prone to rot. Unless it's obvious when we measure the roof, we can't determine in advance if your decking has rotted out until we begin to tear off the old roof.For this reason, your estimate will include how much it will cost to replace decking.

6. Warranty

The materials we use typically have a manufacturer warranty, which will be extended to the homeowner. We will also provide an additional labor warranty to guarantee the quality of our work.

Do I need to get a roofing contract?

We are happy to provide a contract if you request one. If you find the estimate agreeable, we can start the roof replacement process. The information on a roofing contract is identical to a bid but with a couple of additional clauses that protect both parties from liability. This includes:

  • Further specifics on final payment (due upon completion)
  • Provisions for change orders or add-ons that result in extra charge

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