Repairing storm-damaged roofs

Replacing a storm-damaged roof is a challenging task. Always hire a professional roofing contractor to repair the storm damage.

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December 11. 2022

Don’t replace your storm-damaged roof yourself

Replacing or repairing a storm-damaged roof is a daunting task. Always hire a professional roofing contractor for a storm-damaged roof.
  • Your insurance may be voided if you replace or repair the roof yourself. If the insurance company discovers a homeowner made a replacement or fixed the roof, the company may cancel the insurance policy. A DIY roof job can cause the roof's integrity to be compromised, which could likely cause an insurance company to refuse to insure the homeowner. 
  • A homeowner that is repairing their roof voids any shingle warranty. Shingle companies only honor warranties if a certified company installs the shingles. The contract will be void, and the homeowner will not get any money back or receive different/new shingles to fix future problems. 
  • Replacing a roof is hazardous, especially if a homeowner is uncomfortable working at heights. There is a chance of falling, tripping, and severe injury. 
  • A homeowner could cause additional damage to a roof if the homeowner is not experienced with this type of work. For example, if shingles are nailed incorrectly, tiny holes could be created in the shingles that lead to them taking on water, inevitably causing damage to the home.
  • If problems occur with the installation, such as not ordering suitable materials or damaging the shingles as they are installed, it will be more expensive to correct these problems than to hire a certified roofing company. 

Common homeowner installation mistakes

Homeowners can't afford to take risks when replacing their roof - it's a major investment that must be done right. Shingle manufacturers provide detailed instructions for installation and any deviation from those guidelines could void your warranty, resulting in costly leaks or premature failure of the roof and shingles. To ensure proper installtion follow these rules: nails should never be placed into the self-sealing side of the shingle but rather through its nailing strip; this prevents future damage caused by incorrect nail placement.

  • Shingles have different criteria for fastening. Homeowners often don’t understand the requirements for shingle installation.
  • Flashing is the metal strips installed along the intersections with chimneys, walls, and valleys. It's common for inexperienced roofers to install this incorrectly, creating flashing buckling and eventually leading to leaks. 
  • Another common mistake is reusing the drip edge from your old roof. Besides looking less than stellar, a worn drip edge can allow water and insects to get under your roof and into your attic. Always use a new drip edge and flashing.
  • It's common for homeowners to install improper ventilation. Proper attic ventilation is critical because it prevents moisture buildup that could lead to your roof or shingles failing prematurely. All new roofing systems should include a ridge vent, eave vents, pipe boots, and baffles to help properly vent the air and prevent ineffective air ventilation.

Professional roof installation

With your insurance claim approved, you can set the wheels in motion towards getting a new roof. You'll get to pick out all of the details - from color and style right down to ordering materials for installation! Before you know it, your storm-damaged home will have a lovely fresh look – with no cost coming out of pocket thanks to that glorious insurance coverage. As an added bonus here's what this process looks like:

  • We will help you select your new roof shingles. A selection of colors is usually available in the same category as your previous roof. You also have the option to upgrade to a higher-end shingle if you wish to pay the difference to move up in shingle composition and warranty coverage.
  • Once you decide on the product for your roof, our project team will take over, ordering materials and scheduling your installation.
  • On the day of your installation, roofing materials and a dumpster will be delivered to your home.
  • Our installation crew will arrive early on the morning of your installation, and your roof will generally be completed in one or two days. In rare cases, larger roofs or additional work could stretch that into a third day.
  • Upon completion, our project manager will walk the property to ensure the installation was completed and cleaned up to your expectations.

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