Commercial roof leaks

Commercial roofs are prone to leaks, due to the pooling of water. But they remain attractive to builders for many reasons.

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May 30, 2021

Why is my commercial flat roof leaking?

When it comes to commercial roof types, often flat roofs are prone to leaks, due to the pooling of water. But they are attractive to builders for many reasons, including a low installation cost, and they offer a place for air conditioning units and other machinery to be installed. Most commercial roofs are flat and therefore fall prey to the issues that come with flat roofs. Flat roofs are a great thing, but they can become damaged and can leak.

What causes most flat roof leakage?

Commercial roof leaks are a common problem on flat roofs, as the surface is not designed to prevent water pooling. Pooled water can cause weak spots in these roofs and leakage into the building, creating further potential issues. Commercial flat roofs tend to be covered with tar paper and gravel, which offers some degree of protection from external elements. However, if these materials become worn or damaged, exposed areas are prone to leakages. Furthermore, since flat roofs frequently serve as host to air conditioning units and other objects added for convenience’s sake, overall structural integrity may be compromised making them even more susceptible to adverse conditions.

Roof repairs for commercial buildings

Commercial roof leaks can be a tricky thing to tackle and it is important to understand the difference between repairing or replacing your flat roof. An EPDM roof replacement is often seen as a more viable option for roofs of an older age, as it stands up to long-term wear and tear better than many other materials; the initial costs may be high, but you could be saving yourself time and money down the road. It's smart to have one of our roofing experts assess what roof repairs are in order so they can best determine which option works best for your particular property. They will look at the cost efficiency of each option when assessing what repair vs replace option is best for you.

Commercial roof leaks can cause serious damage if not addressed and repaired quickly. Whether it is a new or existing building, investing in a quality flat roof is the best way to prevent issues and keep buildings safe. Blackhawk Roofing will help take care of any necessary repair or replacement on commercial roofs to ensure leaks are prevented and further damage is avoided. Commercial flat roofs which are installed correctly and kept up with regular maintenance and inspections will provide optimal protection against any leakage, so organization owners can operate with peace of mind. With the right service provider like Blackhawk Roofing, all your repairs or replacements will be taken care of efficiently, giving you years of durable use and protection.

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