Commercial roof inspections

A commercial roof inspection performed by an experienced roofing professional is a wise investment that you should make in your business.

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May 30, 2019

What to expect when your commercial roof is inspected

Have you been looking at commercial roof replacement for your building but think it sounds way too complicated? Or are you worried about the cost? Having a safe and functional roof is necessary for your employees and clients. And it can be done faster than you realize, depending on your type of roof. But finding a roofing contractor that understands your business needs is crucial. Are you concerned that getting a commercial roof replacement will impact normal day-to-day business functions? It is easier than you think if you stick with a professional contractor.

Commercial roof inspection

A commercial roof replacement is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. To ensure you get the best value for money, the first step to take is a commercial roof inspection. This should be done by an experienced commercial roofing contractor, who not only provide an accurate assessment but can also provide a quote that will take several factors into account. During the inspection, a roof inspector will walk the roof and be on the lookout for common problems that can affect its integrity in time. Talking with several commercial roofing companies gives you peace of mind as you find and compare prices and services that fit with your needs. Don't delay, call today and book your commercial roof inspection!

  • Blisters
  • Cracks
  • Uplifted seams, nails, and shingles
  • Pools of water
  • Holes or significant structural issues

It can take commercial roof inspectors anywhere from half an hour to a full hour to inspect a commercial roof of 20,000 square feet. An inspector may also take a sample of the roofing material to assess its makeup, moisture levels, and age. Depending on the complexity and size of the commercial roof, a comprehensive report should be provided that covers any leaks and damage present with suggested repair methods. For larger commercial roofs, the report can take a few days to generate. Understanding what is required for commercial roof replacement is essential in making sure that repairs are made in accordance with necessary standards and regulations.

Choosing a roofing contractor

In addition to the inspection report, do a little research before choosing your contractor. You will want to check for several important things:

  • Note how long the company has been in business
  • Make sure they are familiar with the local area
  • Check for certifications from the products they use
  • Check what warranties or guarantees they offer
  • Check to see if they have licensing and insurance
  • Look for various reviews, affiliations, and recommendations

Commercial flat roofs have gained popularity over recent years. They are efficient for commercial buildings, as single-ply roofing systems utilize sheets of PVC, TPO, or EPDM materials to provide protection to the roof. TPO is the most commonly used material, as it is durable and can be easily customized to fit any commercial building's roof dimensions. On the other hand, PVC provides excellent resistance to flames and better energy efficiency than TPO. EPDM roofing is an ideal solution in cooler climates as it has a thick rubber layer that offers extra protection when faced with extreme weather conditions; however, it is prone to wearing away when exposed to hot weather conditions. Additionally, commercial flat roofs offer plenty of benefits such as reduced energy expenditures and ease of maintenance. The biggest downside of these commercial flat roofs is poor drainage. Repairing commercial flat roofs usually consists of cleaning and removing debris from the roof along with excess water and blisters from sealants used when replacing a commercial roof. In certain cases, repairs may be enough for commercial flat roofs instead of complete replacement.

Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

Replacing or repairing commercial roofs can be a demanding and expensive endeavor, considering the average cost of flat roof installation starts at around $10.00 per square foot. However, this cost can increase up to $15.00 a square foot depending on the size and complexity of the roof system. Consequently, commercial roof replacement is not an expense that should be taken lightly due to the potential financial strain it may bring upon your business. For this reason, it is important to consider all options before opting for commercial roof replacement.

Business Insurance Policy

When replacing commercial roofs, it's important to remember to check insurance policy coverage. Depending on the circumstances and type of damage caused, it may cover all or part of the cost of replacement. Certain weather events such as hail storms and hurricanes can often be covered by commercial roof replacement insurance, but other causes may not be included in your policy. Taking a few moments to insure you have the right coverage can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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