Roofing equipment

Roofing equipment

We'll treat your home or business with the respect and care it deserves using specialized roof equipment like The Equipter and the Green Monster.

We'll treat your home or business with the respect and care it deserves using specialized roof equipment like The Equipter and the Green Monster.

Our specialized roof equipment

Using specialized roof equipment, Blackhawk Roofing company will provide you with a worry-free residential or commercial roof replacement. We know construction can be a stressful time for homeowners and building owners. We treat your home or business with the respect and care it deserves, using equipment that is designed to protect your property and landscaping.

The Equipter

Removing a roof can be very messy. Traditionally, large trucks and equipment are parked near your home, on your lawn, and on your driveway, potentially damaging the landscaping on your property.

To reduce this risk, Blackhawk Roofing invested in the Equipter RB4000. This specially designed roofing equipment eliminates most of the mess involved with removing your roof—without requiring the placement of heavy equipment on your lawn.Your property won't have deep tire ruts, and your shrubs won't be ruined. 

The significant benefits of the Equipter include:

  • Eliminating double-handling and triple-handling of debris. 
  • Reducing stress – for homeowners, job site supervisors, and roof installers.
  • Creating a cleaner job site.
  • Reducing physical "wear and tear" on our installers. 
  • Helping crews finish jobs faster.
Equipter - Specialized Roofing Equipment

The Green Monster

As a roofer, we know that the right roof equipment keep Blackhawk Roofing running—and keep our operations efficient. Investing in a roofing dump trailer is one of the best ways we found to streamline the roof replacement process. It is also an enormous benefit to the homeowner, who no longer has to worry about the weight of a 20-ton dumpster cracking or denting their driveway.

Here are just a few of the benefits of The Green Monster:

  • No more rental and delivery fees
  • No wondering where the delivery driver is
  • No constant struggles or confusion with rental companies
  • We can customize it to fit our individual needs
  • We know where it's been and who's used it
  • We can use it for personal reasons

Our Ultimate Dump Trailer (The Green Monster) is engineered to be the best in class for heavy-duty hauling needs. Designed with hydraulic systems in place, including hoist, jack, and ramp/gate, the Green Monster gives us power and features to handle any job with ease. 

The Green Monster - Specialized Roofing Equipment

The Equipter

Eliminating double-handling and triple-handling of debris

From the roof to a tarp, from tarp to wheelbarrow, to wheelbarrow to dumpster. Debris removal and disposal are labor-intensive, requiring roofers to handle the same material multiple times.The Equipter lets our crew members push nails, old shingles, or packaging directly into the container. When it's complete, our job site operator lowers the unit, drives it to a conventional dumpster, and quickly empties it via a powered tailgate.

Reducing on-the-job stress 

The Equipter was designed by roofers who understand precisely how difficult and stressful it is to protect a homeowner's property using conventional material handling processes. The Equipter includes a roll-back feature that extends the container up to four feet backward, allowing roofers to position the container directly over landscaping and external heating and cooling units. As a result, the job becomes less physically demanding because the portable dump container reduces the need to lug and hoist material and debris over a homeowner's property. The roll-back feature also reduces mental stress. Overshooting the standard tarp when moving waste over the roofline is no longer a concern, so roofers will not spend hours picking up stray debris strewn across a customer's lawn. This helps our crews maintain their focus on production (installing your roof) and not end-of-day cleanup. 

Creating a cleaner job site 

A roof tear-off and replacement is messy work, and roofers have learned to deal with the reality of littered yards and scattered debris for generations. With the Equipter, professional roofers no longer need to deal with these time-consuming setbacks. Many unique capabilities allow our crews to create significantly less mess on the ground and potential damage to windows, doors, siding, and landscaping. A 12-foot lift means the container makes a closer "target" and gives debris less distance to fall. This means our roof installation crew has greater control over where the tear-off trash lands. With the swinging lid doors open, the unit has a ten-and-a-half-foot catch area, which is angled to channel the debris into the main dump container instead of scattered across lawns or on top of flowerbeds. 

Reducing wear and tear on our crews 

Roofing is a physically demanding job—one fraught with the potential for injuries — including strains, pulls, punctures, and long-term lower back discomfort. And while many roofers take pride in how hard they work, nobody likes to feel broken down by the end of the week. The Equipter has made a difference in the physical health of our crews since there is less debris to clean up. We still complete a thorough cleanup of your property at the end of the job, but the Equipter reduces the time and effort substantially.

The Equipter is especially important for helping roofers get new material onto the roof. For example, our operator can lift several bundles of shingles or 3-4sheets of plywood to repair roof rot we may encounter in the decking. The result is a more positive working environment. Installers don't get fatigued, and they can work more efficiently. 

Helping crews finish jobs faster

The ability of the Equipter to boost productivity also means roof replacement projects are finished more quickly. Roofing is a physically demanding job, so anything that makes the job easier and allows our roofers to do something more efficiently is better. Equipter assisted roofing streamlines material handling and cleanup, eliminating work hours from each project. As a result, rather than working well into evening hours, roofers can wrap up and clock out at a reasonable time—and that's a morale booster no matter how much pride our crew takes in hard work.

The Green Monster

Owning our hydraulic roofing dump trailer (The Green Monster) means no more rental fees for you. We don't need to pick up a dumpster or drop it off at the rental company, and we always have it on hand. That helps us keep the project on track and maintains a higher level of customer satisfaction.

But how does a dump trailer boost efficiency? You fill them up and then dump them out, right? 

Well, not really. The bed can be built wider because the body and bed on a deck-over trailer sit on top of the wheels instead of between them. Loading pallets onto a deck-over trailer equipped with side gates is easier because the fenders don't get in the way. It's harder to throw or load debris over the sides of a deck-over trailer because they sit higher. The Green Monster has 48" walls. The extra height makes full loads more top-heavy.

What about the lifting mechanism on the Green Monster? It has a telescopic-style hydraulic lift (mounted on the center front of the box) that will lift the box to its dumping angle with just one cylinder. The "scissor lift" pushes the trailer up to its dumping angle. The scissor lift spreads out the footprint, so there is less chance of racking the box and frame with an uneven load. 

Just because it works hard doesn't mean it can't look good. The aluminum wheels on The GreenMonster look great, and they won't rust. And the Green Monster is safe to operate. Covering a load is our duty to the other drivers on the road, and a spring-loaded roll tarp makes covering a load of roofing debris from a tear-off an easy task. 

Specialized Roofing Equipment

Roofing service reviews

We are thrilled when our customers take a few minutes to give us feedback on the job we just completed. If you weren't satisfied with any aspect of your project, let us know right away, so we can make the necessary adjustments.

"The performance of Blackhawk Roofing has consistently been above and beyond our normal expectations. The company is responsive, their work is value-priced, project completions have been timely, and follow-up is excellent."

Commercial Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"We recently completed a roof restoration project with Blackhawk Roofing, and we are delighted with the results. From the initial estimate to project completion, working with your supervisor and roofing installers has been a very positive experience."

Residential Restoration
Springfield, IL

"We would like to express our appreciation to you and your company for the excellent roofing work performed to repair the roof at FitClub West. The crew was efficient, and the job was completed promptly with outstanding craft. From the initial site visit to the conclusion of the project, Blackhawk Roofing acted with professionalism. FitClub West will certainly consider BlackhawkRoofing for any future projects."

Commercial Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"Blackhawk Roofing is a great company to do business with. We needed our roof replaced, and we were very impressed with the service. All the people we dealt with at Blackhawk Roofing were very professional and courteous to us, from the first phone call to the completion of our project. We recommend them."

Residential Tear-off
Springfield, IL

"When we bought our new house, the existing roof had a lot of wear and was replaced. After calling around town, we were quoted over $11,000 by two other contractors. Blackhawk Roofing saved us $2,500! We were very impressed with their approach and found them to be highly professional. We love our new roof."

Residential Tear-Off
Springfield, IL

"I want to thank you for the excellent job of installing a new roof for our house. When the job was completed, it looked like a brand-new house. We couldn't be more pleased. Please feel free to use us as a reference."

Residential Roof Replacement
Springfield, IL

"It's great to find a company like Blackhawk Roofing these days. We had our roof installed by them two years ago, and we just called them back to do the roof on our detached garage. We couldn't be more pleased. Quality craftsmanship at its best."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"We are delighted with the quality of work and professionalism that Blackhawk Roofing provided for our roof repair. Dan Schnell and his team are well-qualified to deal with the variety of waterproofing challenges we have experienced over the years. Dan has been a tremendous resource for us when due diligence is required."

Commercial Repair
Williamsville, IL

"Recently I needed some work done on the exterior of my house. I needed a new roof, new gutters, and new soffit and facia, plus carpentry work to replace rotted wood around the top and front porch. The side over the patio also needed repair. I was nervous about getting involved with a contractor, especially for this enormous job, but I hit the jackpot when I hired Blackhawk Roofing and owner Dan Schnell."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"I highly recommend the services of Blackhawk Roofing. When owner Dan Schnell arrived at our home, he took several measurements and inspected our roof for underlying problems. He explained options for roofing materials and roof warranty with us. Then he emailed us an Estimate. In less than an hour, we knew the cost of our roofing repair and had our questions answered."

Residential Repair
Springfield, IL

"Excessive rain from a recent storm caused ponding and leaks on our company's rooftop. Blackhawk Roofing's fast response kept the damage to the interior of our building to a minimum. Fast, dependable service is what we have come to know with Blackhawk Roofing. We highly recommend them."

Commercial Repair
Springfield, IL

Need a roof inspection?

Regular roof inspections can help identify issues before they become major problems. It's likely easier to fix these issues now, saving you time and money in the long run. Your roof should be inspected at least once a year. Always hire a professional to inspect and maintain your roof. When Blackhawk Roofing inspects your residential or commercial roof, we'll also do the following tasks:

  • Check the flashings. Flashings are metal pieces that cover curves and edges of your roof around chimneys, vents, skylights, and intersections with other surfaces. Water can easily leak in and around them if they are damaged.
  • Look in the gutters. For asphalt shingle roofs, we will look in the gutters for pieces or grains of shingle. This is usually a sign that your shingles are deteriorating, and need to be replaced.
  • Inspect droops. If part of your roof looks like it's sagging, we'll examine it for moisture or rotting that may indicate it needs to be replaced.

A professional roof inspection will identify potential problems with your roof. Repairing these issues can prevent bigger problems, and keep your home or business safe.

Schedule a roof inspection

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